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We manufacture all types of forged wheels like crane wheels, railcar wheels, industrial wheels, rope crane wheels, trolley wheels and gate wheels.

  Our steel forged wheels are manufactured as per the design and specifications of our customers from  
  the following industries:  
Steel Plants
Sponge Iron Plants
Cement Plants
Engineering Industries
Automobile Industries
Construciton Equipment
Industrial Equipment
Military Equipment
  Forged Crane Wheels  
  We provide high quality forged crane wheels, Wheels for E.O.T cranes, railways, carriage trolleys, laddle cars, mine trolleys, dam gate wheels.  
  Industrial Wheels
  We manufacture high quality industrial wheels of any sizes for heavy industrial machinery as per the design and specifications of our customers.  
  Rope Crane Wheels  
  We manufacture and export rope crane wheels in various grades like AISI 301, 302, 304, 316, 321, 3Cr12, 430 etc. for automobile industry, water treatment plants, hydraulic systems, defense and military systems etc.
  Heavy Duty Steel Wheels  

We manufacture high quality heavy duty steel wheels for various

industrial and engineering applications.

  Gate Wheels  
  We manufactures a wide range of gate wheels and Steel gate wheels with international standards.  
  Forged Steel Sheave Wheels  
  We provide high quality forged steel sheave wheels.  
  Railcar Wheels  
  We offer high quality railcar wheels.  
  Forged wheel Trolley  
  We offer high quality Forged Wheel Trolley.